Go+ by Touch ‘n Go is now live, earn daily returns with your eWallet balance

If you’re using Touch ‘n Go eWallet, you probably might have noticed a new Go+ feature on the home screen today. This is their new investment product which allows you to earn interest from your current eWallet balance.

Touch n Go Go+

As mentioned recently, the new investment product is made possible with Touch ‘n Go’s partnership with Principal Asset Management, a joint venture between Principal Financial Group and CIMB Group Holdings.

Go+ offers an easier way to gain access to Principal’s e-Cash money market fund. When activated, you can earn daily returns on your Go+ balance which you can top-up via your existing TNG eWallet balance or online banking through FPX.

If your main eWallet balance is insufficient, your Go+ balance can automatically reload your eWallet with the exact amount by enabling the Quick Reload Payment feature. This can be used for retail purchases or for paying tolls.

Touch n Go Go+ App

To get started, click on the “Go+” icon on the home screen to upgrade your account. You’ll need to fill up a form with your personal information and make a deposit. You’ll need to top up a minimum of RM10 and any subsequent top-up also requires a minimum of RM10.

Go+ is currently available to all Malaysians who is 18 years old and above with a verified eWallet account. Unfortunately, it isn’t offered to foreigners for now.

Touch n Go Go+ Cash In

At the time of writing, the listed return rate is 1.47% per annum. The daily returns will be credited to your Go+ account starting the next day if the cash in is made before 4pm. The Go+ account has a maximum limit of RM9,500 and you can top up a maximum of RM5,000 per day from the eWallet or up to RM9,500 via FPX.

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According to the FAQ, there’s zero sales charge but there’s a management fee up to 0.45% per annum and a trustee fee of up to 0.03% per annum. It also states that Principal e-Cash is not a Shariah-compliant fund and it isn’t treated as E-money or deposit and it is neither capital guaranteed nor capital protected by PIDM.

Touch n Go Go+ Cash Out

What’s interesting is that you can cash out your Go+ balance to either your eWallet or local bank account. Cash out to eWallet is done instantly while cash out to bank account will take 1 working day.

It’s also worth highlighting that Touch ‘n Go doesn’t impose any cash out fees. This also means that Go+ can be used as a way for you to withdraw funds from your eWallet balance to your own bank account. There’s no limit for withdrawal to bank account but there’s a maximum limit of RM5,000 for eWallet, as that’s the maximum wallet size.

Have you gotten Go+ in your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app? Let us know in the comments below.

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