Survey: KTMB is asking the public for opinions on dedicated bicycle coaches for its trains

If you’re a cyclist and you’ve been looking to expand your route, KTMB is currently gathering responses for a study into the viability of a special services bicycle coach on its trains. The information was shared on a Facebook post, and the survey will be running from the 1st of March till the 3rd of March 2021.

Currently, cyclists are required to only use the first or last coach if possible when bring bicycles on board KTM trains, or any other coach that is less crowded, according to KTMB’s guidelines. You are also not allowed to ride bicycles within station lobbies, platforms, or within the train coaches.

Meanwhile, there is also a time schedule where bicycles are permitted onboard KTM trains:

Foldable bicycles are to be folded at all times / SOURCE: KTMB

There is the issue of overcrowding, however, and KTMB states that station staff may not allow bicycles on board if it inconveniences other commuters. As such, the railway company is possibly looking into the possibility of a special services bicycle coach, and the survey includes information on your route, age, and frequency of commutes.

There are also entries for suggestions on how to make the process easier, or any special requests that you, the public, may have. As mentioned earlier, the survey is running until the 3rd of March 2021 (tomorrow, at the time of writing), and you can fill in your responses on this Google Form. To read the current guidelines covering bicycles and KTM trains, click here.