Google says its iOS apps will be updated with privacy details soon. But what about the others?

The iOS 14.3 update introduced a new Apple App Store privacy labelling feature that gives users a way to see what kind of data an app collects about them before they choose to install it. And while Google has reportedly updated their iOS apps as of this week, have the other apps on iOS have their App Privacy feature?

Previously, it was speculated that Google has not updated any of its iOS applications since December 7—a day before Apple required developers to provide a privacy report. And at the same time, Google rolled out updates to its apps on Android since 7 December.

However, Google has now confirmed to TechCrunch that it is preparing to roll out privacy labels across its iOS app catalog as soon as this week or the next. Google mentioned that the slowdown in December app updates is because most of the Google staff were off due to the holidays.

“…Like other large companies, Google goes on a code freeze in late December through early January, so as not to cause major issues with its products and services over the holidays when staff is out,” wrote TechCrunch.

So far, it looks like the privacy details for Google’s apps have not yet been updated. This includes the YouTube app, Google Maps, and the Gmail app.

What about the other apps in the App Store?

Other major apps like Instagram, Facebook and popular games like “Candy Crush” have updated their App privacy section. The information you can see includes what data of yours is used to track you, as well as other data linked to you that may be collected and linked.

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Some local apps like Maybank2u and MySejahtera have not yet provided their details. But local apps that are used a lot for things like eWallets like Fave, Grab and Touch ‘n Go eWallet all have their privacy details added.

If you want to learn more about iOS 14.3’s update, you can read Jinn Xiung’s piece that breaks down the details. You can even read Apple’s details on App Privacy here.


Dzamira Dzafri