Have you watched Malaysia’s most popular YouTube videos of 2020?

YouTube content is getting more and more diverse—as niche content creators with different styles and topics can cater to different people (personally, I’m super into movie analyses and people making vegan meat). In Malaysia, this year’s top trending videos reflect our unique and personal interests, especially as we adapt to the unforeseen challenges of 2020.

YouTube released a list of Malaysia’s top ten trending videos, top music videos, top Malaysian creators and the ten breakout creators in the country:

Top ten trending videos (Malaysia)

1. Changyong
【我說新年好 】官方MV feat.常勇Danny舒森培永Julene常樂
Current views: 5,395,717

2. DONA 도나
Red Food VS Blue Food Challenge 빨간색 파란색 음식 챌린지 DONA 도나
Current views: 290,807,802

3. Isaac Osman
ais krim KITKAT, OREO, MICKEY MOUSE dan rakan-rakan bergaduh dalam perut (mukbang malaysia)
Current views: 6,748,412

4. Syahmi Sazli
Drama Spontan 20: Dua Gangster
Current views: 3,414,953

5. TV3MALAYSIA Official
[LIVE] Majlis Akad Nikah Mira Filzah & Wan Emir
Current views: 2,652,132

6. Alieff Irfan
Current views: 4,498,426

7. Bros Gang TV
Experiment Gold Digger Test 4 : GF Ditawarkan RM20,000 Menjadi Artis Rakaman, SETIA ATAU CURANG?
Current views: 2,263,633

8. 低清DISSY
【BRO!新年不要玩】2020最適合單曲循環新年歌!|MUSIC VIDEO |低清Dissy|
Current views: 2,662,226

9. 아는형님 Knowingbros
[선공개] 리사(LISA)의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = ‘게 춤’♪ (point. 무표정😶) 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 251회
Current views: 52,464,481


10. Al Jazeera English
Locked Up in Malaysia’s Lockdown | 101 East 
Current views: 2,140,049

Most watched music videos in Malaysia

1. BlackPink
How You Like That (Music Video)

2. Nabila Razali
Peluang Kedua ft. MK K-Clique

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3. Vita Alvia
Hareudang / Nestapa

4. BlackPink
Ice Cream ft. Selena Gomez

5. BlackPink
How You Like That (Dance Performance)

6. Azarra Band
Jaga-Jaga ft. Beby Acha

7. BTS

8. Harith Zazman, MFMF, Loca B
Cute (Stop Lah Being So Cute)

9. Nabila Razali
Peluang Kedua (Lyric Video)

10. Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza
Aku Bidadari Syurgamu

Top creators in Malaysia

1. Isa Isarb
Current subscribers: 1.81 million

2. Jess No Limit
Current subscribers: 19.6 million

3. Sugu Pavithra
Current subscribers: More than 811,000


4. Ebit Lew
Current subscribers: More than 905,000

5. Alieff Irfan
Current subscribers: 3.02 million

6. Che Nom
Current subscribers: More than 877,000

7. Cikidot Channel
Subscribers: More than 914,000

8. Isaac Osman
Current subscribers: More than 945,000

9. Azfar Heri
Current subscribers: More than 578,000


10. Bella Khan
Current subscribers: 1.07 million


YouTube also made a list of the two breakout creators in Malaysia. The top five creators are the same as the top overall creators in the country. The other creators include Azfar Heri, Top 5 Malaysia, Bros Gang TV, AR Vlogs and Nabila Razali Entertainment.

The video platform also released the winners of YouTube Works—an awards platform for YouTube advertisements. Feminine hygiene brand Libresse’s advertisement ‘Know your V’ wins Ad of the Year.

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