Proton X50 subscription now available from RM1,858 per month, receive the car within 7 days

As teased earlier, Flux is now offering the Proton X50 SUV on subscription. This allows you to drive the latest hot compact SUV without forking out a hefty down payment and going through the hassle of applying for a loan. According to Flux, you can receive the X50 within 7 days.

Proton X50 7 days subscription delivery

Flux currently offers the Proton X50 Flagship and Premium models which are the two highest variants available. With the subscription, you can drive one home from RM1,858 per month on a 36-month contract. If you do decide to keep it, there’s also the option to purchase it with its guaranteed future value (GFV) under its Subscribe to Own program.

Proton X50 subscription versus buy

Flux claims that the subscription model will allow you to fork out 30% less money in the first year of car ownership versus a typical hire-purchase option. With the subscription, you’ll only need to pay a one-time (non-refundable) start fee and the monthly subscription amount. The maintenance, road tax, insurance and wear and tear costs are all included in the monthly subscription and it’s charged to your saved credit card.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Proton X50 flux options

Proton X50 Flagship

For the top of the line Flagship model which currently retails for RM103,300 (with SST exemption), it is currently going for RM1,995/month on a 36-month contract with a monthly mileage of 1,250KM. The start fee costs RM3,278.41 and the guaranteed future value is RM78,000 if you plan to buy the car after the subscription ends.

If you need more mileage, the 2,000KM option costs RM290/month extra while the unlimited option costs an extra RM967/month. Flux also offers shorter subscription options of 24-months from RM2,278/month and 12-months from RM2,630/month.

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Proton X50 Premium

For the Premium model which retails for RM93,200 (with SST exemption), you can subscribe to it for RM1,858/month on a 36-month contract with 1,250KM mileage per month. The start fee is RM3,009.47 and the guaranteed future value is RM68,000.

The car is also available with a shorter 24-month contract from RM2,092/month and 12-month contract from RM2,414/month. For those who need more mileage, you can upgrade your mileage options at RM266/month extra for 2,000KM per month or go unlimited for an extra RM887/month.

If you’re interested, you can check out Flux’s Proton X50 page. Need a bigger SUV? The Proton X70 2020 Premium is available for RM2,195 per month.

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