Report: The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 may live to die another day

Over the past couple of weeks, multiple reports have surfaced claiming that the Galaxy Note 20 might have been the last Note ever. It’s a little sad, but with the Note series’ main differentiator, the S Pen, likely to make its way over to Samsung’s Z Fold series and even the next S series smartphone, it’s also a move that makes sense. But hold up: a new leak claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 may yet live to die another day.

According to Cozyplanes on Twitter, the Galaxy Note 21 (not a confirmed name) will be released in September 2021, alongside the new Galaxy Z Fold 3. The focus will still be on the Z Fold 3, but the Galaxy Note series will finally be killed off after the 2021 Note release.

To add more credibility to this claim, the Tweet was seemingly confirmed by DsccRoss (Ross Young), a supply chain consultant with a noted history of accurate leaks. All of which could mean that the Galaxy Note 21 may yet arrive in 2021—although it will be a farewell tour for one of the most iconic smartphone series ever.

Of course, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of this, nor have they verified reports that S Pen support will be coming to the Galaxy S21 and Z Fold 3. In any case, there are conflicting reports about the release date of Samsung’s next foldable phone. One the one hand, Korean media reports that we might see an earlier-than-expected June release for the Z Fold 3, although this new information says that it will happen in 2021.

Additionally, the same source claims that Samsung has finally figured out S Pen support for the Z Fold 3. Apparently, the issue before this was that the stylus would scratch the fragile folding glass on the original Galaxy Fold and the Z Fold 2, although Samsung might be developing a new UTG cover layer that is sturdy enough to handle the S Pen.

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All things considered, it’s still a murky scenario, at best. Will we see a new Note series smartphone? Will it be called the Note 21? Or will Samsung finally speak up and confirm rumours that the iconic Note series will be killed off for good?

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