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Samsung mocked Apple for excluding the charger, now it may do the same for the Galaxy S21

When Apple announced the iPhone 12 would not ship with a charger or earphones, several brands, including Samsung, poked fun at the Cupertino-based company. Ironically, there are now reports from Korean media that Samsung may also ship its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21 without any accessories.

Apple defended their decision by explaining that it was doing so to reduce its carbon footprint. Regardless whether Apple’s environmental concerns are genuine, the fact remains that the new iPhone 12 series doesn’t cost less just because they don’t come with a charger.

It is believed that Samsung may follow Apple’s lead on this. In fact, we reported the company was already mulling the idea as early as July 2020. The report cited that main reason for the move came down to cost reduction, with the cost of making a smartphone shooting up due to the development of 5G.

If Samsung were to remove the accessories from its smartphones, it is believed the company would apply this to its entire line up of devices. Some insiders believe even if Samsung doesn’t remove both the charger and earphone, it would start by removing earphones from the box and ship with only a charger.

It remains to be seen if Samsung will reduce the price of its next flagship device if it removes the accessories. But if Samsung chooses to do so, it will inadvertently increase the sales of its chargers and encourage its customers to buy its Galaxy Bud wireless earphones. This would definitely help increase Samsung’s margins but at the cost of disappointing some of its fans.

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In case you were wondering, Samsung lists its 25W charger at RM129. As for its wireless earphones, it currently sells the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live at RM599 and RM699 respectively.


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