New Waze update lets Batman and The Riddler give you directions

Waze released a new update that will make you feel like you have Batman giving you directions from the back seat. There are some other Batman-themed additions, including new Moods, car icons, and opting for The Riddler instead to embrace your villainous side.

From now until 31 October 2020, you’ll get to choose the side of either the DC Super Hero or Super-Villain to guide you on your own drives. Here are the new features:

First, make sure you update your Waze app (iOS, Android) to the latest version. Then, once you fire up the app, you’d be able to notice the ‘Drive with Batman’ option with the iconic Batman logo.

From there, you can click on three different additions you can choose from to make you feel like you’re in the DC-verse. However, if you don’t see this option, you can still search for them manually:

Voice directions

You can now choose either The Riddler or Batman for your voice directions option. Batman himself is voiced by Kevin Conroy—the same man who played the character in Batman Beyond, Injustice 2, Batman: The Killing Joke, Justice League, and the Batman Arkham games. As for The Riddler, he’s voiced by Wally Wingert—who voiced the same character in the Arkham games.

Car icons

To access new car icons, press on ‘Map Display’ and then press ‘Car icon’. You’ll be able to turn your ‘car’ in the app into a Batmobile or The Riddler’s racer.


Waze also included two cute new special Mood icons to keep with the theme. You’ll find them once you press on your own profile to reveal the ‘My Waze’ section, and press ‘Mood’.

Once you pick your side of the DC universe, the icon will appear in your profile, and will be displayed to all other Wazers on the road.

“By partnering with Waze on this innovative interactive program, we are giving fans the opportunity to get behind the wheel of their own reimaged Batmobile as the iconic DC Super Hero Batman who is known for having incredible gadgets and the coolest vehicles,” said Robert Oberschelp, Senior Vice President, Global Brand product, Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

If Batman isn’t your style but you still want a unique change, try this secret code you can type in to get a Monster-shaped Mood. You can even try and test out made up codes, just to see if Waze will give you a new one we don’t know about.

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