Microsoft adds emojis and GIFs to copy-and-paste in upcoming Windows 10 update

Microsoft is said to be introducing a Windows 10 update that completely changes how copying and pasting works. Windows Latest reported that the coming Windows 10 Build 20185 update will bring a new panel that allows users to copy emojis, GIFs and even content from their clipboards and paste them in documents.

The brand new emoji or clipboard panel has several new features that have been redesigned to make it easier for users to add content to their messages, documents and emails. Firstly, there is a homepage that allows users to access their most recent emojis and GIFs as well as allow you to search for new ones.

Source: Windows Latest

Under this new panel, there is another feature called “Clipboard history” that lets you view items such as text, images and HTML content. You can even sync this across multiple devices as well as delete items from your history. The feature lets you store a maximum of 25 entries with the oldest items deleted as new ones appear.

These features were actually part of the Windows 10X that is due to be released in the spring of 2021 but it will be rolled out to the current version of Windows. In case you don’t know, Windows 10X is the newest version of Windows that was designed for dual-screen devices like the Microsoft Surface Neo. It was reported that Windows 10X would first be coming to single-screen laptops.

The new panel is expected to arrive in Windows 10’s next feature update though it is unknown when Microsoft plans to release it.

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