Android 11: Oppo Find X2 Pro to get latest ColorOS beta in June 2020

With Google recently releasing the beta version of Android 11, smartphone manufacturers have been quick to announce upcoming betas of their own. Xiaomi and Poco (which is sort of like saying Xiaomi and Xiaomi, to be fair) have announced that Android 11 betas will be coming with MIUI versions on the Xiaomi Mi 10 series and the Poco F2 Pro—and Oppo has made a similar announcement.

Oppo says that it considers ColorOS to be one of Google’s key partners globally, thanks to a large user base of over 350 million. According to the company-run consumer insights, users enjoy the stock-like nature of the UI, although there are still additional features as part of ColorOS. As such, the company says that ColorOS is “guaranteed” to get the latest versions of Android every year.

The ColorOS Android 11 beta will be available for the Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro within the month of June 2020, although an exact date hasn’t been revealed for now.

Regardless, based on what we know, Android 11 Beta will offer a new, revamped power button menu. This will mean easy access to virtual cards, as well as Smart Home controls. Still, when the ColorOS beta is available for eligible users, it will be interesting to see how Oppo integrates the new changes to Android 11 within its own ColorOS UI.

Andy Wu, Vice President and President of Software Engineering Business Unit, Oppo says that their work with Google stands them in good stead in this regard:

“We work jointly with Google across OPPO devices at the software system level to enrich and empower user experience on Android. A perfect case in example is the CameraX project that we are working with Google on, which aims to enhance camera capabilities and functionality of third party apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and others.”

For now, only the Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro have been announced as part of the ColorOS Android 11 beta program. For other models, remember to keep your browser locked onto for the latest developments.

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