Zoom to offer better encryption but only for paying customers

Zoom announced that it will be strengthening encryption of video calls in an effort to boost security on the popular video conferencing platform. The new enhanced end-to-end encryption measures will only benefit paying clients but leaves out users of the free tier of Zoom.

This latest move by Zoom doesn’t come as a surprise as the company recently acquired Keybase, a secure messaging and file-sharing service to improve its security measures. These end-to-end encrypted meetings are said to not support phone bridges, cloud recording or non-Zoom conference room systems.

Since the global Covid-19 pandemic, many countries around the world are in lockdown. Zoom has been the main form of communication for many who have to work and school from home. Given its sudden rise in popularity Zoom, the company’s security and privacy measures were surprisingly not up to mark.

Problems ranged from Zoombombing, where troublemakers hijack and disrupt meetings, on unsecured meetings to questions surrounding how Zoom handled its user’s personal data. Zoom has taken steps to improve its service and its latest 5.0 update was recently pushed out at the end of April and will be be a minimum requirement for all meetings.

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