This 65W 4-port GaN charger is probably the only charger you’ll ever need

If you use multiple devices on a daily basis, charging them can be a hassle especially when you have different chargers for each device. UGreen has a new all-in-one 65W GaN PD charger that not only charges your phone and tablet but also your USB-C powered laptop and Nintendo Switch.

Unlike most laptop chargers that are heavy and bulky, the UGreen GaN charger claims to be 50% smaller and it weighs 165g. For the 4-port 3C1A version, it comes with 3x USB-C and 1x full-sized USB-A port which allows you to charge 4 devices simultaneously.

The compact size is made possible by using Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor material which supports higher voltage while generating less heat. According to UGreen, its GaN charger has high charging efficiency with a claimed AC/DC efficiency of 93.48%.

When they charged a 15″ MacBook Pro from 0-100%, the temperature of the internal components of the charger doesn’t exceed 80ºC while the external case doesn’t exceed 50ºC, which UGreen claims to exceed normal standards of 130ºC and 65ºC respectively.

Although you can use all 4 ports at the same time, the charger will distribute the power based on the capacity of each port and the demand of each device. If you’re using a laptop at full load, they recommend only charging the laptop on the first two USB-C ports.

The GaN PD charger supports various fast charging standards including PD3.0, PD2.0, QC4+, QC4, QC3.0, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC), Huawei Fast Charge Protocol (FCP), SuperCharge Protocol (SCP), Huawei Super Fast Charge Protocol (SFCP) and Pump Express 2.0. Do note that other fast charging protocols such as Oppo VOOC, OnePlus Dash/Warp Charge are not supported but it can still charge the devices normally. The charger is available with US, UK and EU plug.

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At the moment, it is available via Indiegogo and you can back the product with a significant discount of up to 51%. The 3C1A (3 USB-C + 1 USB-A) version retails for RM235 and the initial early bird 50% off promo for one unit has already sold out. But you can still get it for RM161 with the 31% off promo.

Alternatively, you could get the 3C1A and 1C (single USB-C) bundle for RM196 (51% off) or two units of 3C1A for RM257 (45% off). The GaN chargers are expected to ship starting 20th June and so far they have reached 80% of its RM87,010 goal on Indiegogo. According to UGreen’s FAQ, it comes with an 18-month international warranty and they will cover the replacement shipping fee.

For more info, you can check out the Indiegogo page.

Alexander Wong