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OnePlus 8 is the first smartphone that can play Fortnite at 90fps

The OnePlus 8 series promises high speed and responsiveness with its top-notch hardware and high screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz. While several high-end smartphones can play Fortnite at 60fps, OnePlus has just announced that it is the first to support Fortnite gameplay at 90fps.

OnePlus 8 Fortnite

In an exclusive interview with GameSpot, OnePlus shared that the higher fps support was made possible through a direct partnership with developer Epic Games. Both parties have worked on necessary optimisations for the OnePlus-specific build of Fortnite.

However, there’s a catch. By changing the frame rate option to 90fps, the graphics settings will drop to Low. Despite the drop in quality, the gameplay is said to be smoothest while maintaining its native resolution of 2400×1080 pixels on the OnePlus 8.

According to GameSpot, they noticed that the phone can get quite hot near the camera module while playing at 90fps. This is expected since it draws more power and this would also affect battery life. It is also worth noting that Fortnite can support an even higher 120fps gameplay on an iPad Pro.

If you want to try playing Fortnite at 90fps on your OnePlus 8, it is available via the OnePlus Game Space app. However, it is currently available exclusively in India at the moment.


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