Gerak Malaysia now offers contact tracing for businesses via QR code

After facilitating the permitted 4-day interstate travel earlier this month, the Gerak Malaysia now has a new feature that will assist businesses in contact tracing. The Gerak Malaysia app now allows businesses to create their QR code which will enable users to check-in via the app.

Gerak Malaysia contact tracing check-in

On the home screen, you’ll see the option to “Check-in” and “Apply for Business QR”. For those who have the Gerak Malaysia app installed and registered, all you’ll need to do is to launch the app and select “check-in” to scan the QR code. This feature is available on the latest Gerak Malaysia 2.6 version which is available on Google Play Store, Apple AppStore and Huawei AppGallery. It is also worth mentioning that the new app allows you to select English or Bahasa Malaysia for the interface.

Do note that the only way to prove that you’ve checked-in is via the pop-up notification after the scan. You can’t display this message later unless you scan the QR code again. Unfortunately, the QR code won’t work if you don’t have Gerak Malaysia app installed. If you scan the QR code via a 3rd party app, you will be redirected to a Gerak Malaysia page which will tell you to install Gerak Malaysia app.

As a comparison, Selangor state government’s SELangkah contact tracing initiative is web-based and you can fill up your details through the web browser after scanning the QR code. Your information is also saved on your phone’s web browser so there’s no need to provide your details again when you scan another SELangkah QR code.

How to register new Gerak Malaysia QR code?

Business owners can register their own QR code via the Gerak Malaysia app. Alternatively, they can also register at All you’ll need is to provide your business name, address, phone number and email address.

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Once you’ve registered, you can generate a poster with your company name and QR code. A copy of the link also sent to your registered email address. Similar to SELangkah, business owners will not have access to the customer login details and it is saved only via the QR code provider.

Contact tracing is a requirement for businesses during the conditional movement control order. In the event there’s a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case, the records will important for public health authorities to track down other people that are in close contact.

Digital contact tracing is seen as a more effective tool as not only the information is stored digitally but it also reduces the risk of infection by avoiding the use of a communal pen. It was recently reported that some individuals are providing fake names and possibly fake contact details during contact tracing registration. The authorities said this would hamper contact tracing efforts as they won’t be able to reach out to them if they are at risk.

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