This 12-year-old singer’s channel is on YouTube Malaysia’s top 10 most subscribed list

12-year-old local YouTube singing sensation Alyssa Dezek has officially broken into the ‘Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers’ in Malaysia chart. She is currently in 9th place, amongst other big local YouTuber accounts like the shirtless durian seller slash fitness trainer Jordan Yeoh, the Les’ Copaque Production and even beating Namewee, currently in 11th place.

Alyssa covers Malaysian and Indonesian songs on her YouTube channel, with a ukelele or guitar in hand. She hopes that her YouTube career can one day catapult her to the same heights as national icon Siti Nurhaliza.

“I particularly idolise Siti Nurhaliza. I hope to be like her because she’s the number one singer in the country and yet she remains so humble. But I really like Taylor Swift too. She writes really good songs. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write as well as her one day,” said Alyssa in an interview.

The young singer said that the movement control order (MCO) period also played a part, with her music video “Lagu Untuk Kamu”,  released in November last year, garnering over 31 million views. It is currently her second most watched video, beneath a cover of “Tak Tun Tuang” she posted 2 years ago with a whopping 34 million views.

Alyssa currently boasts a large following of 2.5 million subscribers, and is signed under Xeno entertainment. She currently has two singles to her name, including “Lagu Untuk Kamu” and “Ma dan Pa”.

“At the time I started, people said that we should try to post my videos on YouTube, so my mom decided to start a channel for me. Never did we think we’d come this far,” she said.

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As for what she hopes in the future, Alyssa said that expanding her social media following is the more immediate goal she aims to achieve. She mentioned the goal of the Diamond Play button from YouTube, which you’d get if you hit 10 million subscribers.

“No one in Malaysia has gotten one yet. So, I hope I’ll be able to achieve that,” said Alyssa.


Dzamira Dzafri