500,000 Zoom logins are being sold on the dark web, 5 sen per login

While Zoom has seen a rise of daily users especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the video conferencing platform has been the subject of several complaints, mostly to do with privacy and security. It was reported that more than 500,000 Zoom logins have been offered for sale on the dark web.

What’s even more shocking if that the price for each login is a 1.25 U.S. cents (about 5 sen in Malaysian currency) or USD 6,250 for the entire list. Cybersecurity intelligence company Cyble purchased the logins from a “Russian-sounding person” over the Telegraph app. 

“We continue to investigate, are locking accounts we have found to be compromised, asking users to change their passwords to something more secure, and are looking at implementing additional technology solutions to bolster our efforts,” said a Zoom spokesperson.

Zoom has also hired intelligence firms to find out who is responsible for selling the passwords, as well as what tools they’ve used to collect them. The company is also investigating an unnamed company that has tricked people into downloading malware and revealing their login information on certain sites.

According to Mozilla, it even says that Zoom meets all five of their security standards. Despite their best efforts, Zoom has been banned by Google, NASA, SpaceX, the U.S. Senate, NASA, and even some U.S. schools due to its security flaws.

However, the platform shows no signs of slowing down. Zoom has yet to release the number of active daily users, but the company’s growth during the outbreak can easily be seen in the jump from 10 million daily participants in December to 300 million last month. Zoom investors also have been cashing in as the company’s stock (ZM-Nasdaq) has more than doubled since the end of last year.

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