Your iPhone will crash if it sees this line of text

A string of text, which includes the Italian flag emoji and characters in the Sindhi language, is going viral for causing a bug in iOS. When an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac, or an Apple Watch receives a notification with this text string, the device glitches out. Sometimes, your device will crash, while other times it completely stops responding to touch input and you’d have to result to restarting your device.

The string of text includes the Italian flag emoji and characters in the Sindhi language together. However, YouTuber EverythingApplePro tweeted that you don’t need to have an Italian flag in the string of text for your Apple device to get the bug. He tried it with a virus emoji instead and it still crashed his iPhone.

I won’t encourage it, but if you’re curious to see what the cursed text would do to your Apple device, you can use it to click here or the tweet below and try scrolling down to the comments. I was able to watch his video about what happens to his phone, but when I tried to scroll down to the comment section, my Twitter app crashed. The comments appear to contain the previously mentioned string of text.

It’s important to note that watching the video below is fine, but clicking through to look at the comments with your Apple device might crash your Twitter app.

While it crashed the app on my iPhone, I was able to view the comments when logging into Twitter on my MacBook, without triggering any sort of crash. I understand that my device would crash if I actually receive a text or message containing the characters, though.

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Details of where this text string originated are somewhat unclear, but the original source seems to have been a Telegram group. It’s now going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, so please be wary.

The issue, however, does appear to be fixed in the latest iOS 13.4.5 beta, but that update is not available to everyone just yet. Hopefully Apple fixes these problems quickly.

If you do receive a message with the text string in it, you can reboot your device and things should be back to normal. Another alternative is to disable notifications on your device.


Dzamira Dzafri