You can have ‘Online Experiences’ through Airbnb, even during the MCO

Airbnb introduces ‘Online Experiences’, a new way for people to access ‘travel’ experiences through the internet, and also earn income during the COVID-19 crisis. This new feature lets guests connect with hosts from more than 30 different countries, right from their living room.

“With Airbnb’s ‘in-person’ Experiences suspended through the end of April to protect the safety and wellbeing of hosts and guests, Airbnb is leveraging its technology platform to help its hosts continue to earn, while also allowing our guests to learn a new skill, safely connect with others, or pursue an interest,” writes Airbnb in their press release.

There’s a wide array of options that Airbnb is currently offering for the Online Experiences. They include meditation with Buddhist monksvirtual visits with the dogs of ChernobylK-BEAUTY 101 with a TV Host, and cooking with a Moroccan family to name a few.

The experiences don’t just include eclectic lessons that you can pick up to replicate the feeling of travelling to a new place. Airbnb offers online classes by Olympic medalists including Alistair Brownlee and Lauren Gibbs, and other exercises classes to keep fit.

Those classes have a range of prices depending on what you pick. For example, a half hour meditation experience with a Japanese Buddhist monk costs RM42 per person, whereas a 40 minute cycling class with an Olympian costs RM278 per person.

However, not everyone has to pay for these experiences. Airbnb has partnered with SAGE USA, National Council of Aging (NCOA), Associazione Nazionale Alpini – Sezione di Milan, and Amigos de los Mayores to help connect these ‘Online Experiences’ to older adult communities. ‘Online Experiences’ will be able to help their communities learn new skills, all while protecting their health. 

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Currently, the experiences are hosted on Zoom so if you’re interested in attending a class or two, use extra precautions when using the application to connect. You can look through the various ‘Online Experiences’ here, or if you’re interested in hosting to make extra bank, you can click here.

Dzamira Dzafri