All TNG RFID Fitment centres will be closed until April

Due to the Movement Control order that was announced by the government, Touch ‘n Go will be closing all of its fitment centres, TNG hubs and CEC from the 18th until 31st March 2020. If you plan to get your RFID tag fitted, you’ll need to postpone your plans to April.

TNG RFID toll booth

For users of Touch ‘n Go card, you can still reload at all self-service kiosks and petrol stations during the restricted period. You can find the list of self-service kiosks here.

If you don’t have RFID, you can enable PayDirect for your physical TNG card. The feature will deduct your toll charges from your eWallet when you tap your card at the booth or when you use it on SmartTAG at supported highways.

In case you missed it, TNG RFID will be supported at all toll booths along PLUS highways from 1st April 2020. It is also available on the East Coast Expressway for both LPT1 and LPT2.


Alexander Wong