Realme Band is an affordable Mi Band 4 challenger

During the Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro announcement, the Oppo sub-brand has also unveiled its Realme Band that’s priced at only INR 1,499 (about RM85). This fitness band undercuts the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 which is going for INR 2,299 (about RM130) in India.

The Realme Band comes with a 0.96″ colour display but it pushes a lower 80×160 pixels resolution (Mi Band 4: 0.95″ OLED with 120×240 pixels). Overall it weighs just 20g and it comes with a 90mAh battery that is rated to last up to 10 days on a single charge.

In terms of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth 4.2 and the Band also gets a 3-axis accelerometer, a heart rate sensor and a vibration motor. There’s also IP68 dust and water resistance which allows it to be submerged up to 1.5 metres deep.

The Realme Band has five built-in “dial faces” that you can choose from and you can change it via the realme Link app. It can support up to 9 sport modes which include Cricket, however, you can only store 3 of your favourite modes at any one time. Apart from tracking your activities, the Band can be used for notification alerts and it supports a variety of apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube.

According to Realme, its fitness band offers real-time heart rate monitoring by measuring your heart rate every 5 minutes. Also included is a sleep quality monitor which analyses your sleep quality and it can also provide a report about your sleeping pattern. On top of that, there’s also a reminder that will periodically alert you to move and to drink water.

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Unlike the Mi Band 4 which requires a separate charging dongle, the Realme Band can be charged directly without additional cables. The Band itself can be charged directly into any powered USB port.

Overall, it is an interesting budget alternative to the Mi Band 4. However, it loses out mainly in the display, water-resistance and battery life. The Realme Band first sale is happening today at 12PM in India and so far there’s no word of it being released in other markets. If you’re interested in the Mi Band 4 instead, it is now going for RM105.99 via Xiaomi’s Global Store.

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