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WhatsApp Dark Mode is finally here, update your app now

Dark Mode is probably one of the most requested WhatsApp features and it’s finally rolling out to users on both iOS and Android. With Dark Mode, you can check your WhatsApp messages without straining your eye or distracting other people around you during low light situations.

The latest WhatsApp update with Dark Mode now available for both Android and iOS users in Malaysia. For Android 10 and iOS 13, the dark mode will be enabled automatically when you switch to dark mode in your phone’s system settings. For Android 9 and below, you can enable Dark Mode by going into WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Theme and then select “Dark”.

According to WhatsApp, they have spent time researching and experimenting with Dark Mode with great emphasis on Readability and Information Hierarchy. They have chosen colours that minimises eye fatigue and are closer to the system default selections on both iPhone and Android. On top of that, they have also used colours and design elements to ensure the important information stands out in Dark Mode.

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Alexander Wong