Proton X70 2020 CKD vs CBU: 7 things you need to know

The Proton X70 2020 has finally rolled out from the local Tanjung Malim plant and it’s priced from RM94,800. On the surface, it looks the same as the fully-imported model from China but there are several notable upgrades that are offered with the latest update.

1.8L TGDI Engine

Under the hood, the Proton X70 2020 is still running on a familiar 1.8 litre turbocharged petrol engine that pushes the same 135kW (181hp) of power. The only visual change is the engine cover that has the “Proton GPOWER” text written vertically.

7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission

The most significant update is the 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) which replaces the previous 6-speed auto unit. It offers smoother and quicker gear changes which result in improved performance.

The new 1.8L TGDI and 7-speed DCT combo is able to produce 300Nm of torque which is 15Nm more than the previous X70. With the taller gear ratios, the DCT is also claimed to offer better fuel consumption by 13% with a rated 7.6 litre per 100km.

Acceleration time is also slashed by 1 second. The new X70 has a 0-100km/h time of 9.5 seconds while the CBU version does it in 10.5 seconds.

On the inside, the gear level is replaced with a shift-by-wire stick which looks similar to the BMW models. Unfortunately, there are no paddle shifters but you can still change the gear manually by shifting the gearstick to the left.

Power Tailgate

For extra convenience, the new Proton X70 now offers a power tailgate. This is available on the Executive, Premium and Premium X variants. However, the foot sensor option which allows a hands-free operation is only offered on the Premium and Premium X variants. The height adjustment is programmable and there’s also an anti-trap function.

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Rear seat recline

Previously not available on the CBU model is rear-seat recline. The new X70 now allows you to adjust the rear seatback recline from 27-degree to 32-degree angle. As usual, you also get a 60:40 split for the rear seats.

Front Ventilated Seats

With the hot climate in Malaysia, the new front ventilated seats are a welcomed feature. This is available for the Executive variant and above, and you can only activate from the 8″ touch screen panel. Unfortunately, there are no physical buttons to activate the ventilated seats but Proton says you can switch it on via its “Hi Proton” voice command.

New Proton Logo

Overall, the new Proton X70 2020 has no styling changes on the outside and it is hard to tell it apart from the previous fully imported model. Even the X70 badge remains the same and there’s no indication that it’s a 2020 version. The only difference is the round badge which replaces the old Proton “shield” logo. The circular Proton logo can also be found on the wheels and on the steering wheel.

New Premium Model without Sunroof

Previously, the sunroof is a standard feature on the 2WD Premium model. For those that want the full spec kit but without the panoramic sunroof, you’ll be happy to know that Proton has introduced two Premium options. The 2WD Premium has everything except for the sunroof and there’s the 2WD Premium X that ticks all the boxes plus the sunroof which cost RM3,000 more.

Proton X70 2020 Pricing

Below is the official pricing for the Proton X70 2020 (CKD). This time there’s no AWD option and all four variants are front-wheel drive.

Standard 2WD – RM94,800
Executive 2WD – RM106,800
Premium 2WD – RM119,800
Premium X 2WD – RM122,800

As a reference, below is the pricing for the Proton X70 (CBU) that was launched in December 2018:

Standard 2WD: RM99,800
Executive 2WD: RM109,800
Executive AWD: RM115,800
Premium 2WD: RM123,800

All Proton X70 2020 will come with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, 5-year data package (1GB per month) for its 8″ GKUI infotainment system, 5 times free labour service and a premium insurance package. For the first 3,000 customers, Proton is offering a special package that includes additional 4GB of data for the first 5 years and an accessories package worth RM2,000.

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