Unifi Mobile now offers Travel SIM with unlimited data

In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign, TM has introduced a new prepaid travel SIM under Unifi Mobile that offers unlimited data for tourists. The Travel Pass pack comes in two options and is priced from RM30.

The 7-day pass costs RM30, while the 15-day pass is going for RM60. Both come with unlimited data and RM5 of pre-loaded airtime. If you need to make calls, TM charges 20 sen per minute and sending an SMS will cost you 10 sen each.

Only 1 SIM can be registered for passport and it is available for everyone aged 12 years old and above. During registration, you will need to present your original passport and provide personal details including your hotel or accommodation address in Malaysia.

According to the FAQ, the Travel Pass SIM pack is for non-Malaysians only and all transactions must be performed via credit card. The validity of the pass will be activated upon activation or 30 days from the date of collection, whichever comes first.

If you need to make more calls, users are able to reload their account by purchasing a reload voucher at participating outlets. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to be an option for tourists to reload via the app. Since the plan is used by non-Malaysians, the 6% SST will be applicable. This means if you reload RM10, you’ll get RM9.43 credit after deduction.

Unfortunately, Travel Pass users won’t be able to buy add-ons including roaming add-ons under the plan. But users can make IDD calls immediately without any activation or deposit required.

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Before you purchase the SIM, do note that Unifi Mobile will require you to own a smartphone that supports LTE Band 5 (850MHz) in order to enjoy 4G connectivity. You can check if your device is supported here.

At the moment, the travel SIM is only available at the Tourist Information Centre located at the arrival level of KLIA and KLIA2. For more info, you can visit the Travel Pass page.

Alexander Wong