Can you really get 70GB/month on the new Digi Postpaid 80 plan? (Update)

[ UPDATE 30/12/2019 12:00pm ] Digi has confirmed that its Loyalty Bonus for Postpaid 80 is given on a monthly basis and it is stackable. Those that sign up will get the following data allocation:

1st – 6th month – 30GB + 10GB (Welcome Bonus)
7th – 12th month – 30GB + 10GB (Loyalty Bonus)
13th – 18th month – 30GB + 20GB (Loyalty Bonus)
19th – 24th month – 30GB + 30GB (Loyalty Bonus)
25th month thereafter – 30GB + 40GB (Loyalty Bonus)

In summary, on Digi Postpaid 80 you’ll start with 40GB of data each month for RM80/month and you’ll get upgraded to 70GB/month after 2 years of subscription.


Digi has recently revamped its postpaid plans for 2020 which comes with all-day all-usage internet across the board. Its Postpaid 80 plan has the biggest revision and it was recently advertised for having 70GB of data each month. Can you really get 70GB a month or is this just another deceptive advertising? This is probably the most confusing plan we’ve seen in a while.

To recap, the new Postpaid 80 plan is now upgraded from 20GB (10GB weekday + 10GB weekend) to 30GB which you can use 24/7. In addition, you’ll get 40GB of loyalty bonus and 10GB of welcome bonus for new sign-ups.

According to Digi’s fine print and on their T&C page, the Loyalty Bonus offers “additional 10GB every 6 months” which is capped 4 times, up to 2 years tenure. From what we understand from that statement is that users will receive a one-time 10GB of data every 6 months up to a maximum of four times.

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As shown above, the Loyalty Bonus is showing 40GB (10GB every 6 months – up to 2 years). In their FAQ, it states the following:

You will need to stay on the plan for 6 months to enjoy. The first Loyalty Bonus will be automatically unlocked once you reaches 7th month and subsequently the Loyalty Bonus will automatically unlocked on every 13th, 19th and 25th month. Additional Internet quota granted will be added on (stack up) on top of any existing internet quota. You will be notified whenever the Loyalty Bonus is granted.

When we reached out to Digi’s PR team, we are told that you’re actually getting the Loyalty Bonus on a monthly basis. So that means, from the 7th to 12th month, you’ll be getting an additional 10GB/month every month. And from the 13th to 18th month, you’ll get 10GB + 10GB, and you’ll continue to receive a bump of 10GB every 6 months with a maximum cap of 4 times.

As a result, you will get to enjoy a total of 70GB/month on your 25th month onwards. Apparently, the welcome bonus is also given out on a monthly basis and this means new Postpaid 80 customers will be getting 40GB each month during the first six months of their subscription.

To confirm if this is the same understanding on the ground, we’ve reached out Digi’s hotline at 016-221 1800. To our surprise, we got a very different answer. We are told that the Loyalty Bonus does not stack up onto another existing bonus. Instead of stacking an extra 10GB per month as explained previously, the customer service agent told us that you’ll be receiving just 10GB/month loyalty bonus for 24 months in total.

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When we emailed them the Facebook ad, as shown above, we are told that this 70GB data claim is probably for their higher plan as you will get a maximum of 40GB/month on Postpaid 80. Here are the probable scenarios with Digi Postpaid 80 for a clearer understanding:

Scenario A is our original understanding based on their website which implies that the bonuses are given out on a one-off basis.

Scenario B is based on what was communicated directly to us. Digi says that they are giving the bonuses on a monthly basis and the loyalty bonus are stackable every 6 months.

Scenario C is based on information that we got from Digi’s careline which denies that you can get up to 70GB per month. This information was also confirmed with the agent’s supervisor.

We genuinely hope that Scenario B is the actual plan as it offers more data for consumers. In fact, if this is true, Postpaid 80 is probably the best postpaid option from Digi in the long run since you can get 70GB/month for only RM80 after 24 months. This is cheaper than Digi Postpaid 160 (RM160) that comes with 70GB.

[ UPDATE 30/12/2019 12:00pm ] Digi has confirmed that the data allocation on Postpaid 80 will be given based on Scenario B. Customers will get 70GB/month after two years of subscription.

Here’s the thing, Digi’s plans are unnecessary complicated and even their customer careline agents couldn’t give a consistent answer for its postpaid plans. We expect better communication from Digi and perhaps it isn’t a great idea for them to roll out new products right before the holiday season.

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What Digi could do is to provide a clearer illustration of what customers are getting on a monthly basis. A simple chart can make a whole lot of difference in helping customers understand and make well-informed decisions. Instead of adding confusing bonuses, why not make it a permanent offering so that it is simpler to understand at a glance?

We’ve reached out to Digi on the matter and we will update once we have an official answer.

Alexander Wong