12.12 is going to be EPIC, here’s what you can do to prepare for the next big online shopping sale!

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The 11.11 online shopping sales have just ended, and most of us are either waiting for our packages to arrive or are enjoying our new purchases. But of course, there is a segment of shoppers that looks back at the sale with a tinge of regret—or even bitterness for some who missed out on deals.

The numbers posted by some of the major e-commerce platforms in Malaysia pointed towards the growing demand for online shopping, with Lazada hitting the 1 million mark for items sold within the first hour of 11.11. Meanwhile, Shopee recorded 3 times more orders in the first hour as compared to 2018’s sale.

Consequently, this demand has led to a highly-competitive 24 hours of shopping for many. The vast variety of items available on e-commerce platforms nowadays covers almost everything. You can pick up tech-related goods like mobile phones, of course, but you can also shop for clothing, sporting goods, or even groceries at heavily-discounted prices during online “shopping festivals”. For example, 57,000 packets of Maggi 2-min Curry instant noodles were sold in half an hour on Lazada—everyone loves Maggi Mee, after all.

11.11 was a big deal, but 12.12 is going to be even bigger thanks to the year-end rush as shoppers scramble to get last-minute Christmas presents. If you missed out on 11.11, don’t repeat the same mistakes and start preparing now for the last epic online sales event of 2019.

So how you can prepare yourself for the highly anticipated year-end 12.12 sale?

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Fierce competition

Make no mistake, online shopping can be a truly competitive sport. When the deals are good, as they often are during these sales, stocks are usually very limited. And what better way to prepare yourself than to have a dependable, unlimited data connection?

The fast-paced nature of today’s society means that not all of us have the luxury or time to sit by a computer during online sales. The development of smartphones, of course, helps to mitigate that. And an unlimited data plan allows for you to keep pace with the latest discounts and deals—and remain on-the-move throughout the day.

In fact, big-named e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee even organize livestream countdown shows to attract shoppers and build excitement with international artists flown in to perform. And to further whet the appetite, promotional vouchers and discounts are also given out during the show—in addition to the already discounted deals available.

And that’s where unlimited data plans come in.

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