Malaysia’s 5G spectrum to be determined in Q1, 2020 earliest

MCMC Chairman, Al-Ishsal Ishak, had shared today that Malaysia will have a position on 5G spectrum as early as Q1 2020 or latest in Q2 2020. From there, the allocation process for 5G spectrum can begin and it will be done via multiple methods.

The MCMC has completed the Public Inquiry on the spectrum, while the discussions and clarifications are still ongoing. In terms of commercial 5G spectrum availability, it is still targeted for the 2nd half of 2020. He clarified that this is different from actual deployment but the spectrum will be available.

Al-Ishsal also shared that the MCMC has approved last Friday, the spectrum that will be used for the upcoming 5G demonstration that’s taking place starting next month in 6 states. The spectrum is granted based on the requests made and this includes mmWave and 3.5GHz.

At today’s event, the MCMC Chairman also emphasised that 4G will not be neglected as the country moves to 5G. NFCP also focuses on optimising existing 4G networks in order to improve connectivity.

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Alexander Wong