The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with an Always-On display, and a compass

Alongside the iPhone 11 series and the new 7th-generation iPad, Apple also announced the new Apple Watch Series, which comes with a number of updates that users have been waiting for. With a starting price of RM1,749, the Watch Series 5 marks the first time Apple has integrated an Always-On display into the Apple Watch, a feature that has been available for other wearables in the market for some time now.

This will work as most Always-On displays do: the watch face will dim in an ambient mode, but the display will brighten when you turn the watch towards you. According to Apple, the Watch Series 5 will still give you 18 hours of battery life, even with the display continually on. This is down to the LTPO display that the watch utilises, which has an adaptive refresh rate (60Hz–1Hz).

They’ve also added a built-in compass, along with an emergency-calling feature that allows users to call emergency services from the Apple Watch—even if there isn’t the accompanying iPhone nearby. This feature will only be available for pricier cellular-enabled versions, however.

The new Apple Watch will also come with Apple’s watchOS 6, which will offer a wider variety of health and fitness features. This includes a new Cycle Tracking app, which can be used to log menstrual cycle information, along with predicted timings for the next cycle. Another interesting addition to watchOS 6 is the Noise app, which will help notify users on ambient sound levels that may be detrimental to their hearing (during concerts and the like).

As for the aesthetic aspect of it, Apple is introducing a new case material made of titanium, which will be available in a space black or natural titanium finish. This will fall under the Apple Watch Edition, which is starts at SGD1,159 (about RM3,509). They’ll also be introducing a white ceramic case for the watch, which is priced in Singapore at a starting price of SGD1,899 (about RM5,750).

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Of course, there will also be more (comparatively) affordable variants, with stainless steel cases and aluminium cases available in silver, gold, and space grey as well. If you’re looking for a sportier look, Apple has brought back the Apple Watch Nike variant, while there is also a Hermès edition that retails in Singapore for SGD1,749 (about RM5,296).

At the moment, it doesn’t seem like the Apple Watch Edition or the Hermès edition will be coming to Malaysia, but we can confirm that the Watch Series 5 will start at a local price of RM1,749. In addition to that, the Apple Watch Nike is also arriving on Malaysian stores soon, along with Apple Watch bands.

WatchOS 6, on the other hand, will be available on September 19 for the Apple Watch Series 3 (and newer), while owners of the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 will receive the update later in the year.

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Editor’s note: This article has been amended to add details regarding the Always-On display.