Nokia 9 PureView camera is worse than 2016 flagships according to DxOMark

The Nokia 9 PureView may have the most cameras at the back but as we all know that quantity doesn’t equate to quality. The folks at DxOMark Mobile had completed their evaluation of the penta-camera smartphone and it scored a miserable 85 points. That’s lower than the iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 edge and Google Pixel from 2016.

The Nokia 9 PureView has a total of five cameras at the back and each of them uses a 12MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture and the same field of view. There are two RGB cameras while the remaining three units shoot in monochrome. Instead of offering the versatility of ultra-wide-angle and telephoto, the five camera setup with a 3D ToF camera is designed to capture more detail with up to 1,200 layers of depth data for better-looking bokeh.

The Nokia 9 PureView scored 88 points for Photos and 80 points for Video. According to DxOMark, the device doesn’t deliver the results that many had expected. At 85 points overall, it shares the same score as the iPhone 7 and it’s even a point below the Galaxy A9, Samsung’s 2018 mid-range smartphone with quad-camera.

In their photo tests, the device was fairly weak across all categories except for bokeh and it also has respectable autofocus performance. The device is said to be a disappointment when it comes to zoom and it’s worse than the Pixel 3a that uses a single camera.

When it comes to video, the 9 PureView is found to have good stabilisation but it is weak in everything else. It did a poor job in retaining detail and sharpness and it is said to performed worse than the competition even in bright conditions.

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It is worth noting that DxOMark evaluates their smartphone cameras in their respective default modes as they claim that the majority of users will stick to the default settings. DxoMark acknowledges that the Nokia 9 PureView has additional features such as dedicated black and white mode and multi-image super-resolution mode that will require extensive post-processing. Unless you’re the type that really takes advantage of these specialised features, the camera benchmark site thinks that it isn’t on par with the competition.

You can check out the current ranking for DxoMark mobile devices below:


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