Microsoft’s new Surface ad features a guy named ‘Mac Book’

Whether it’s major automotive manufacturers, or tech brands taking shots at each other, it certainly makes for interesting viewing whenever these ads get rolled out to the public. Very often, these ads try to strike that fine balance between banter and plain old slander, and it seems that Microsoft’s latest ad for the Surface Laptop 2 leans more towards the latter.

For their latest ad, Microsoft seemingly went out and found a guy named Mackenzie Book, or Mac Book for short. The advert is simple enough, with Mr. Mac Book basically telling viewers that the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is a better choice than a MacBook. Tellingly, the ad doesn’t refer to any particular MacBook model specifically, with the narrator and Mackenzie basically discussing how Surface 2 laptop has a touchscreen, is faster, and has better battery life.

Apple will, predictably, come up with a retaliatory ad of their own sometime. It’s certainly been a long time since Justin Long’s ‘Get A Mac’ adverts, and it’ll be interesting to see how they react to this low blow.

This isn’t, of course, the first time that Microsoft has taken shots at Apple through its adverts. Remember the Surface Go ad that featured a young girl singing and dancing her way through a routine that explained that she wanted a “real computer” for Christmas? That was a pointed remark at Apple’s positioning of the iPad Pro as the future of computing, and as a viable computer in general.