Time quietly offers 500Mbps fibre broadband for business and it has the same upload speed

After the implementation of Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP) most providers have reduced their residential broadband plans and customers can enjoy faster speeds at lower prices. When it comes to business users, Maxis appears to be the only telco that has reduced its pricing. They offer a 30Mbps business fibre plan for RM99/month and 800Mbps for RM349/month.

If you prefer Time broadband, we’ve received a tip that they are offering cheaper broadband subscriptions for new business users. On top of that, they also offer a faster broadband option beyond 100Mbps.

A Time reseller has offered a 500Mbps plan with a promo price of RM298/month and it comes with 1 voice line with free calls worth RM220 each month during the 24 month contract period. The plan’s original subscription fee is RM328/month and it does 500Mbps for both downloads and uploads. This is great for businesses that require high-speed uploads as other telcos usually offer a lower speed.

The other plan options remain unchanged but they are offering a lower promo price for the first 24 months. Surprisingly, the normal subscription fee for the 500Mbps plan is RM70 lower than the 100Mbps option. The only noticeable difference is that you get one voice line instead of two. We are told that for existing users, you’ll need to cancel your existing line and sign up for the plan with a fresh 24-month contract.

Below are the full business plan details from the reseller:

We’ve called Time’s hotline and they told us that these promotions are no longer available. We have reached out to Time for further clarification on the 500Mbps business plan.

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At the moment, Time charges RM188/month for their entry-level 20Mbps business plan. The higher 50Mbps plan is currently going for RM318/month while the 100Mbps is priced at RM348/month for the first 24-month duration.

Thanks Paul Tan for the tip!

Alexander Wong