EMUI 9.1 is HUAWEI’s most advanced OS update ever. Here’s why

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Despite the withstanding challenges, HUAWEI continues to move forward with its plans to serve its large base of mobile users with updates and new features. The company has recently made clear that it will forge ahead to deliver the latest OS updates for its customers. With the release of EMUI 9.1, the latest mobile OS update developed by HUAWEI, you can expect a significant bump in performance and features.

Here’s why the EMUI 9.1 is HUAWEI’s most advanced OS update ever.

Emphasis on design, look and feel

The designers at HUAWEI has taken a considerable amount of time to create a new set of wallpapers to look more realistic and reflect in-the-moment beauty. EMUI 9.1 also brings with it a new set of icons that have been completely redesigned specifically for the new OS to look more realistic and distinguished.

EMUI 9.1 is more than just an aesthetic revamp. It also brings with is a full list of performance enhancements and features.

Significant improvement in performance with EROFS file management system

EMUI 9.1 revamps the file management system in your HUAWEI device to make it perform faster. Where previous operating systems utilises the F2FS file system, which is designed to for flash memory formats, EMUI 9.0 will feature a new EROFS file management system developed by HUAWEI.

EROFS brings a host of performance upgrades. This includes a 20% increase in random read performance, applications will start 10% faster, more storage savings, and a higher level of security.

EROFS is designed as read-only, 3rd parties can no longer rewrite the system partition—this ultimately means that the system is generally more secure from outside attacks.

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Improved gaming performance with GPU Turbo 3.0

First introduced alongside the P30 series, EMUI 9.1 will feature HUAWEI’s GPU Turbo 3.0 performance enhancement tech powered by AI. The new upgrade is developed specifically to work with among 25 of the most popular games in the world to deliver the gaming performance just as the developers have intended. GPU Turbo 3.0 optimises performance by reducing SoC power consumption by 10% and optimizing the underlying system performance to provide the best gaming experience.

Improved convenience

Along with the appreciable performance upgrades, HUAWEI developers have also taken included additional features to offer more convenience to users. Among them:

HUAWEI VLOG: A built-in tool that makes publishing bite-sized vlogs quick and easy. In addition to easy editing, the tool also includes special effects, background music and auto-edit function.

Anytime Assistant: With EMUI 9.1, HUAWEI has introduced a new function into the power button of your HUAWEI device. With Anytime Assistant, you can call up Google Assistant by a simple press and hold of the power button without having to turn the screen on.

AR Measure: With EMUI 9.1, you can also use your HUAWEI device as a quick and easy measurement tool for simple DIY projects thanks to the AR Measure App. Using the advanced array of sensors and the TOF camera in your HUAWEI device, the AR Measure App can measure length, total area and volume with accuracy.

By utilizing HUAWEI’s Facial Recognition technology, you can also measure the height of a person simply by scanning the person from head-to-toe.

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HUAWEI OneTap Share: HUAWEI’s OneTap Share allows you to transfer files like pictures, videos and documents from your HUAWEI phone to your HUAWEI computer and vice versa in seconds. No need for complicated pairing, just one tap and you’re good to go.

And, while playing a game, just shake and touch your EMUI 9.1 HUAWEI phone to your computer to initiate a 60-second recording of the screen and the video will be saved directly into your HUAWEI phone for easy sharing.

The perfect workout partner: EMUI 9.1 turns your phone into an ultimate workout partner. Use your phone to connect to a treadmill and collect information like calories burned, running speed and length of the workout.

The new OS upgrade also measures steps more accurate with an intelligent algorithm so you can accomplish your personal fitness goals and achieve results.

Available globally from June 25. Here are the HUAWEI devices that will receive the EMUI 9.1 OS update

The HUAWEI EMUI 9.1 OS upgrade will be delivered to supported HUAWEI devices around the world in batches starting from June 25. The first to receive the update will the Huawei Mate 20 series.

The update should be delivered automatically to your device but you can also check if the update available via the following steps:

Go to [Settings] > [System] > [Software update] > Check for updates


Go to [HiCare] App > [Update] > [Download]

Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the devices that will support the all-new OS upgrade. Learn more about EMUI 9.1 here. Find the best deals and offers on the latest Huawei device at the official Huawei Malaysia online store, here.

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