Video: The upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLS has a super smart suspension system that can get itself out of a sand trap

The Mercedes-Benz GLS (previously known as the GL-Class), is the flagship of the German automaker’s SUV line-up. Now in its third generation, Mercedes has packed so much tech into the car that it can literally get itself out of a sticky situation.

Employing the new E-Active Body Control developed by Mercedes, the upcoming X167 GLS is able to actuate its long-travel Airmatic hydropneumatic suspension to ‘jump’ out of a rut. This is by no means an easy feat considering that the full-sized three-row SUV weighs in at around 3 tonnes.

You can see how the E-Active Body Control system gets the GLS unstuck in the video below:

The hydropneumatic suspension system is also able to scan driving surface conditions and change its characteristics to adapt. The suspension tech will also be available for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLE. The system also allows the driver to individually adjust the ride height of each wheel, should you need to.

At the 1:50 minute mark in the video, you see the new GLS being compared with the outgoing model. The difference in suspension and ride control is very obvious.

It has to be noted however that the specifications may vary when these vehicles are launched in Malaysia.


Amin Ashaari