The best cashback rewards, the best deals you can get. Boost and Fave combine to bring you the best of both worlds!

This post is brought to you by Boost and Fave.

There are probably over to 20 e-Wallet apps available in Malaysia alone with all sorts of different permutations and rewards to choose from. Sometimes it can get confusing to know which e-Wallet offer the best deals, rewards, features and convenience.

While this post is not going to tell you which e-Wallet is the best it does tell you the two e-Wallets that are working together to bring these amazing rewards and deals.

The best cashback rewards, the best deals you can get: Boost and Fave bring the best of both worlds to offer you deals, rewards and convenience.

Why Boost and Fave?

Boost is among one of the best e-Wallets out there when it comes to offering direct cashback rewards to you. With every purchase using Boost, you get Shake Rewards where you literally shake your smartphone to get a cashback reward.

The best part is that these cashback rewards can be used immediately after you get it…for any purchase! You can also choose to donate your cashback rewards to charities via Boost, right in the app. In addition to that, you can share your cashback rewards with your friends or family who are using the Boost app.

Fave is one of Malaysia’s favourite deal and discount app. At any one time, there are literally hundreds of discounts and deals form hundreds of brands and stores to choose from.

Did you know: Boost is now accepted as a payment method in the Fave app and that you can purchase FaveDeals in the Boost app to earn more rewards.

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Here’s how it works.

Use Boost as a payment method in Fave

You can now select Boost as a payment method in the Fave app. By doing so, you can double up your cashback by receiving a Shake Reward from Boost & a partner cashback from Fave for every transaction made via Fave Pay. On top of that, from now till 20th of May, you will also enjoy an additional Shake Reward up to RM10 for a weekly cumulative spend of RM50 if you enable this payment method for the first time!

You can use Boost with FavePay at these popular stores:

Get FaveDeals in Boost

During this campaign period, if you also purchase a Fave Deal worth a minimum of RM10 directly from the Boost app, you will stand a chance to receive a bigger Shake Reward — up to RM15!

You can get these popular FaveDeals directly from the Boost app:

Boost to get your Fave rewards

So, if you’re looking for a rewarding cashless experience, download the Boost and Fave apps today to start earning plenty of rewards.