CIMB ‘kena hacked’: 15 appropriate responses you can only find on Twitter

Over the weekend, there was a bit of a situation with CIMBClicks. When CIMB failed to give a satisfactory answer, users turned to Twitter

Over the weekend, there was a bit of a situation with CIMBClicks. A number of users said that the online banking platform had been hacked but CIMB was quick to issue a statement and point out that this wasn’t the case. However, users are not buying any of it as CIMB failed to address a number of concerns raised. Frustrated, the crowd turned to Twitter and the platform responded just as expected. 

1. The PR team had a lot on their hands

2. Meanwhile, the IT team was working hard to ‘fix’ the problem

3. Despite the pressure, the team remained calm

4. They hoped for the best

5. Then, came the official statement: “Our system remains secure”, CIMB said…

 6. But users were not convinced

 7. Some were even more skeptical

 8. The issue gave a whole new meaning to “CIMB”

9. Meanwhile, Maybank2U customers be like…

10. Poyonya…

11. And then there were those who were not really concerned 

12. For some, having their account hacked was the least of their problems

13. Others had hoped for sympathy 

14. Some accounts had a built-in hacker deterrent

15. Through it all, there are still loyal customers

It’s worth pointing out that what had happened with CIMBClicks over the weekend can’t actually be called a hack. From what we can see, it is more the result of poor planning on CIMB’s part.

If CIMB had indeed planned to introduce reCAPTCHA and support for passwords with more characters, they could have avoided all the chaos and confusion by informing their customers about the move way in advance.

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The response provided by CIMB didn’t help either as it didn’t directly address the public’s concerns on unauthorised transactions especially via PayPal and the seemingly unplanned deployment of reCAPTCHA and updated password requirements. 

Here’s hoping that the CIMB account holders are not affected too much by this incident.

Amin Ashaari