Touch ‘n Go E-Wallet now comes with auto-reload feature

Touch 'n go e-wallet auto reload

Touch ‘n Go has finally enabled auto-reload on its E-Wallet app. If you use Touch ‘n Go RFID on a daily basis, this will ensure that you’ll have sufficient balance at all times. Unlike the physical Touch ‘n Go auto-reload Zing card, there’s no additional surcharge when you auto-reload with the E-Wallet. 

To enable auto-reload, just go to the reload E-Wallet section and tap on auto-reload. You can choose to reload when your E-Wallet balance goes below RM20 or you can set the threshold higher up to RM100. In terms of amount, you can choose from RM20 to RM250.

Unfortunately, this only works with credit cards. So you can’t enable auto-reload with your debit or prepaid card.  

In case you missed it, Touch ‘n Go now allows you to link your physical TNG Card to the E-Wallet for toll payments. This means when you tap your TNG card, it will deduct directly from your E-Wallet and not with your card’s balance. With auto-reload, this feature just got a whole lot better and you can also use your linked TNG card with your existing SmartTAG.

At the moment, this feature is only enabled for Duke Highway. So if you use other highways, you’ll still need to top up the physical card for now. According to TNG Digital, they will extend this feature to all highways in the Klang Valley sometime next year. It will be great if they could also extend this to car parks and public transportation as well.

The Touch ‘n Go E-Wallet is available for both Android and iOS

Alexander Wong