Apple fixes touch issue with free iPhone X display replacement

free iPhone X display replacement

Apple has acknowledged an issue with the iPhone X‘s display. If you’re having touch sensitivity problems, you might be eligible for a free display replacement. 

According to Apple, the problem causes the iPhone X to respond intermittently to touch. Sometimes the device may even show a response even if it’s not touched at all. 

As a solution, Apple is offering to replace the display module for free at your nearest Apple Authorised Service Provider. According to the service announcement, this is only offered for the iPhone X, and no other iPhone models are included. 

This display module replacement program will cover the iPhone X for three years since its first retail sale. Since the iPhone X is already a year old, you could still request for a replacement if the problem occurs in the next two years.

Apple emphasises that the display replacement will not extend the iPhone X’s warranty coverage. If you’ve paid for a display module replacement before this announcement, you may contact Apple for a refund 

Before sending your device it, users are advised to perform a backup via iTunes or iCloud. You can locate your nearest Authorised Service Provider here.


Alexander Wong