Apple rolls out iOS 12 which makes your old iPhone feel almost brand new

Apple’s latest iOS 12 is finally available and it’s rolling out now to supported iOS devices worldwide including Malaysia. If you’re still using an old iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, this new update might just make your device feel a lot snappier than before.

With iOS 12, Apple has optimised its OS for a more response experience. On an iPhone 6 Plus that’s running on normal peak performance, you can expect up to 70% faster camera launches and up to 50% faster keyboard display when you tap on a text input field. Under heavy workload, app loading is said to be faster by up to 2X.

Also new is its Screen Time feature which will display your actual screen time and also how many hours you’ve spent on specific app and categories. If you’re never a fan of how iOS handles multiple notifications, iOS 12 finally brings grouped notifications that are similar to Android. You can also manage your notification settings directly and you can have it “delivered quietly” for minimal distraction.

For more info on the latest features, you can check out Apple’s iOS 12 page.

iOS 12 is compatible on iPhone 5s and above as well as iPad Air and newer. It’s also compatible on the iPod Touch 6th gen as well as iPad mini 2 and above.

Depending on what device you’re on, it might take a few GBs to download so it is best to update to iOS 12 on an unmetered WiFi connection. You’ll also need sufficient charge to proceed and we recommend hooking up your iOS device to a power source while you perform the update.

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If you haven’t received the notification yet, you can check under Settings > General > Software Update. Do share with us your experience after upgrading to iOS 12.

Alexander Wong