TM’s holding a “special media briefing” tomorrow. What could it be about?

UPDATE: TM offers double speeds and cheaper subscription fees for Unifi. More details here.

Oh boy, it looks like TM is planning to announce something because we just got an invite to a “special media briefing session” tomorrow. The question now is: What are they going to announce?

Now we’ll admit, we don’t know exactly what TM will be announcing tomorrow at their “special media briefing”. The email they sent was sufficiently cryptic too, only revealing that they will “share latest
Company updates.”

While it’s easy to get excited about “company updates” because that could be a hint at potentially new product offerings, I think it’s important you manage expectations. After all, the statement is so broad that it could also mean a whole lot of nothing.

And, while it would be nice to see new — and hopefully more affordable — plans, that won’t solve Malaysia’s big internet problem. What we’d love to see is more options for consumers, especially when it comes to fibre offerings. Based on TM’s FY2017 financial report, out of the 2.33 million broadband subscribers, only 1.13 million of them are on UniFi, which means that more than half of their users are still on Streamyx.

But, like I said earlier in the article, this media briefing could also reveal nothing substantial at all. Either way, we’ll be there at the media briefing so stay tuned for the juicy updates.

In the meantime, what would you like to see TM announce tomorrow? Let me know in the comments below.

EDIT: A previous version of this article contained inaccurate information from TM and has since been corrected with updated information we received from the company.