You can get a free phone with U Mobile’s Unlimited Data plans

U Mobile free data

U Mobile is finally offering devices on contract with its unlimited data plans. Previously, if you plan on getting the latest devices from U Mobile, you’re often limited to their Ultimate Device Plans that come with lower high-speed quota which some might perceived to be lower in value.

For those who seek true unlimited data, you can now sign up for the Unlimited Hero P99 plan on contract and get a brand new Samsung Galaxy J4 for free

At the moment, this device bundle only covers four smartphones namely, the Galaxy J4, OPPO F7 64GB, Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro. This is offer applicable for both new and existing U Mobile subscribers starting today and it will be available until further notice. On the P99 plan, the Galaxy J4 is going for RM0 while the F7 64GB is going for as low as RM699. Meanwhile, the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro can be yours from RM1,739 and RM2,309 respectively.

You have the option to subscribe to the Unlimited Hero P79 plan that comes with 20GB of data and unlimited video and music streaming or Unlimited Hero P99 that comes with unlimited high-speed data plus 30GB for hotspot usage. During registration, there’s an advance payment of RM360 for P79 and RM504 for P99, which will be rebated back over a 24 month period. This advance payment can be waived if you purchase the device via credit card and subscribe to auto debit for monthly billing.

According to U Mobile’s FAQ, you can terminate the contract at any time but you will need to pay the pro-rated amount of the advanced payment. If you’ve paid the advance payment during signup, your remaining balance will be forfeited and there are no further charges required.

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For more info, visit U Mobile’s HERO Postpaid Plan device bundle page. For those who prefer an iPhone, you can get the iPhone 6s Plus 32GB from RM899 if you’re a new subscriber taking up the Unlimited Hero P99 plan. More details here.

Alexander Wong