The OPPO Find X is the most stunning 2018 flagship yet

Wow. I’ve seen a lot of really cool smartphones launched in 2018, but this brand new flagship device from OPPO is the first one to truly blow my mind. This is the OPPO Find X and it may have the most jaw-dropping piece of smartphone design yet. Think vivo NEX but turned up to eleven.

It has been four long years since OPPO last launched a flagship Find smartphone and from the looks of things, it may have been worth the wait. I mean, just look at it.

The Find X has a borderline ridiculous dual-curved AMOLED panel that stretches very nearly all the way to the corners of the device. This 6.4-inch panel has barely any bezel on the top or sides (no notch either) with just the slightest hint of a chin. Granted, the screen only pushes a 1080p resolution, but there’s no denying how amazing this phone’s display looks with its 93.8% screen-to-body ratio — the closest I’ve seen to an all-screen smartphone.

That said, this crazy screen isn’t even the Find X’s show-stopper. That, my friends, comes when you look for the device’s camera. You may have noticed that there aren’t actually any cutouts for the camera in the front nor the back. That’s because everything is hidden.

Remember how the vivo NEX had a motorised front camera that pops up when you want to take a selfie, well this takes that to the next level. Instead of having just a small little tray that pops out, the whole top section of the phone between the front display and the glass at the back slides up to reveal the Find X’s camera array.

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You’ve got a 16MP + 20MP main dual camera at the back and a 25MP selfie shooter in front. But that’s not all because there is also a 3D face scanner next to the selfie shooter which works kind of like the iPhone X’s Face ID and Xiaomi’s Mi 8.

Unfortunately this means that the Find X doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner — none at the back, none in front and none under the display. Instead, you’ll have to rely on the 3D scanning to get into your phone if you don’t want to enter a password. Thankfully though, Verge’s video reveals that the whole process is really smooth. Almost ridiculously smooth, in fact.

It just blows my mind how effortless the entire process looks. OPPO says that the camera can launch in 0.5 seconds — which is fast by any standard — and from the looks of things, that figure seems about right. I am actually shocked at the apparent level of polish OPPO has managed to achieve with this seemingly complicated motor-driven action. It certainly looks more polished than the NEX.

The rest of the device is your standard 2018 flagship affair. That means you’ve got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. There’s also a 3,730 mAh battery that has support for OPPO’s super fast VOOC Flash Charge fast-charging solution via USB Type-C.

Of course, there are design choices I wish OPPO hadn’t taken too. Things like the omission of a 3.5mm headphone jack and the inclusion of the heavy ColorOS skin on top of Android 8.1 Oreo. But, I guess these aren’t things you can’t learn to live with eventually.

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I am still shocked at how polished OPPO’s new flagship is. You may be surprised that a company like OPPO — who has recently been primarily associated with selfie-centric smartphones — would be able to push such innovative takes on the smartphone design. But those who know OPPO will know that this isn’t new.

OPPO’s Find series of flagship smartphones have always pushed the boundaries when other larger manufacturers and industry leaders may not. The Find 5, for example, was the first phone to launch with a 5″ Full HD 1080p display. Back then, everyone thought it was ridiculous to have a Full HD display on a smartphone because the screens were so small but now Full HD is practically ubiquitous.

Then, OPPO pushed boundaries even more with the follow up Find 7 that featured the world’s first Quad HD display (now a norm with flagship-level smartphones) and VOOC fast charging, a fast charging standard that’s still one of the fastest charging solutions in the market 4 years later.

OPPO has been one of the few companies that has really dared to push forward with innovation and I’m glad they’re back to making Find-series flagships instead of just overpriced selfie expert after overpriced selfie expert. And I’m so stoked for the Find X because it’s easily one of the most exciting smartphones to come out of 2018 yet.

UPDATE: The OPPO Find X is officially priced at 999 EUR (about RM4,628) with 256GB of storage. It will be available in selected markets starting August 2018. It comes in two colour options – Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.

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