The Xiaomi Mi 8’s dual-GPS could deliver centimetre-level accuracy

Xiaomi Mi 8 Dual GPS

The Mi 8 is launching this Thursday in conjunction with Xiaomi’s 8th anniversary. The upcoming flagship device will come with a notch and has top-rated hardware specs under the hood. While this looks like a compact alternative of the Mi MIX 2S, the Mi 8 is expected to be the world’s first smartphone to provide centimetre-level accuracy for location-based services.

As we are just days away from the big event, more details of the Mi 8 have surfaced online. According to its leaked leaflet and packaging, the Mi 8 will come with an AI-powered dual-camera system, a Snapdragon 845 processor and a dual-GPS system.

While it isn’t clear how Xiaomi is incorporating dual-GPS, they are likely to use Broadcom’s BCM47755 solution. It’s a dual frequency GNSS chip that can use two frequencies (L1+L5) to compute position much more accurately. It was announced late last year and it could accurately pin point your location with an incredible accuracy of 30 centimetres instead of a typical 5 metres on current smartphones.

For most of us, this means a more reliable GPS navigation and you’re less likely to miss a turn if you’re traveling down a road with multiple exits. Since it’s more accurate, it’s also possible for drivers to get lane-departure warning on smartphones without having additional sensors or cameras.

All shall be revealed in a couple of day’s time. Are you looking forward the Mi 8, or would you rather get the Mi MIX 2S which is currently priced at RM1,999 in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments down below.


Alexander Wong