4 ways to get a smoother drive this Ramadhan season

Waze Malaysia Ramadhan Tips

Tomorrow marks the first day of Ramadhan. A sacred time of the year for our fellow Muslims friends as they embark on a journey of spiritual reflection and worship. As we all know, aside from embracing the Holy month we will be embracing one of the busiest traffic seasons in Malaysia as well.

For a smoother drive, Waze has shared some useful tips and traffic predictions based on historical data they have acquired in the past years.

#1: Plan your dinner and ‘Buka Puasa’ ahead!

As shown in last year’s traffic data, there’s a slight shift of pattern in driving behaviour. From the usual 5pm to 9pm being the busiest hour of traffic, the peak traffic condition has shifted to between 4pm to 7pm instead during the Ramadhan season. Hence, Waze is recommending drivers to take note if you’re rushing home for “Buka Puasa”, you might want to avoid travelling at these hours.

#2: Friday is the busiest day of the week

It is also shown in Waze’s collected data that there’s a shift in the driving pattern on Fridays. Fridays are the most significant day of the week for the Muslim community as families make their way for Friday prayers before a restful weekend and for some others, it is the time to unwind from a long week of work. It is advised for those who are planning on travelling around on Fridays to plan ahead and check the traffic status and update from the Waze app.

#3: “Biar lambat, asalkan selamat.” Better be safe than sorry.

Waze analysis also highlighted some of the common accident sites around Kuala Lumper area. The Lebuhraya NKVE, Jalan Kuching and Lebuhraya Salak highways are the common roads that have received constant accident reports from Waze users. If you’re travelling along these roads, you might want to check out for accident reports and the traffic condition before heading out.

#4: If you see it, report it!

We are all tasked to be a vigilant driver on the road. One of the ways that all of us can help to create a smoother traffic flow is to report what we see. If you see something along the road, be it a car accident, pothole, vehicle stranded on the side, you can report these incidents via the Waze App.

As you can see, Waze has prepared tons of category to select from to make your report useful. Just tap on the round orange icon on the bottom right of the screen and select the type of report you want to submit.

We hope that you’ll find these 4 tips useful in improving your driving experience throughout this holy month of Ramadhan. For those who still don’t have Waze on your smartphone, it is available on the App Store, and Google Play.

Stay vigilant, drive safe and have a blessed Ramadhan month.