AirAsia offer lower fares from RM120 to Sabah and Sarawak during #GE14

AirAsia General Election 14 special fares

UPDATE: The special fares are now available on AirAsia. RM99 fare is only within West Malaysia and East Malaysia.

UPDATE 2: The special fares have been extended by an extra day. Now covering domestic flights on 8-10 May.

If you’re a Sabah or Sarawak registered voter that’s based in West Malaysia, AirAsia will be offering lower fares for you to return home and cast your vote. This was announced by AirAsia’s Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, via Twitter and the special fares will be available by Monday are available now.

According to his tweet, AirAsia fares to Sarawak on 8th and 9th May will cost RM120 while fares to Sabah will cost RM199. Meanwhile, fares back to within West and East Malaysia will be going for RM99. He also added that flights departing from Johor Bahru will follow the same pricing as KL. It isn’t clear how many seats will be available at those fares, but it’s still a good gesture by AirAsia to lower the cost of travel for the upcoming general election. Tony Fernandes has also called upon other airlines to do the same.

Tony Fernandes also added that they will be deploying its larger AirAsia X A330s when it isn’t flying. This means we can expect extra flights with increased seat capacity. Take note that these new fares will be out only by Monday. You can book at AirAsia’s website or its mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.

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The 14th Malaysian General Election is taking place on 9th May 2018 which has been declared as a public holiday. If you haven’t checked your voter status, you can refer to our guide.

UPDATE: The special fares for #GE14 are now available on AirAsia. Flights to Sarawak costs RM129 per way instead of RM120 as tweeted by Tony Fernandes.

UPDATE 2: The #GE14 special fares have been extended to cover flights departing on 10th May.

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