Touch N Go responds to backlash; suspends cumbersome mobile reload function

Touch N Go suspends mobile app reload

A few days ago, Touch N Go had introduced its mobile app which lets you reload your physical Touch N Go card. This is a feature which many users have been waiting for. Imagine being able to top up your card at any time and at anywhere with your smartphone.

However, for those who have tried it, it turns out that the reload function isn’t as convenient as it seems. With complaints pouring in, Touch N Go has suspended this reload channel until further notice.

In case you missed it, reloading your Touch N Go card via the app is actually more cumbersome than existing channels. The app itself is primarily a mobile wallet which isn’t linked to MyTouchNGo portal. To reload the card, you have to top up the wallet first and then perform a transfer from your mobile wallet to your physical Touch N Go card.

Here’s where the frustration begins. You actually have to “pick up” your new reload value from one of their PUD (Pick Up Device) terminals as pictured above. When the mobile app was released, there were only two PUDs available in the whole country. Many who have tried to reload their cards were not aware of this “pick up” step until after they completed the transfer. If they fail to tap their cards on the PUD terminal within 24 hours, the value will be returned back to the mobile wallet.

In their latest statement, Touch N Go has acknowledged that this PUD method is inconvenient and they will take steps to address this issue. For now, the reload function for the app will be discontinued until necessary refinements are made.

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Below is the full statement from Touch N Go’s CEO:

Dear valued customer,

Three days ago, Touch ‘n Go published the initial version of its mobile wallet. We believe this is the first step towards providing a digital payments platform to our customers. The mobile wallet will ensure that you are able to conveniently expand the use of Touch ‘n Go services in multiple retail instances, not just on the nation’s toll and transit infrastructure. Touch ‘n Go cards will continue to exist and function as per normal.

We have since received much feedback, positive and negative. We thank you for taking the time to share your views with us. We have received the most feedback on the introduction of an additional reload channel for your Touch ‘n Go cards through the Pick Up Device (PUD). Your feedback indicates that the PUD method could cause inconveniences, and we are addressing those. We have discontinued this for now and will reintroduce this additional reload channel when refinements are made to it.

Please note though that all other Touch ‘n Go reload channels are working as per normal. As our customers, you have always asked us to add reload channels for your convenience and the PUD is one such channel that is free of charge. We will continue to listen to your requests and will further explore more convenient reload channels for Touch ‘n Go cards as we progress.

The Touch ‘n Go mobile wallet that you have on your devices today is in its infancy and is the first version of the services we want to bring you. We will be making multiple enhancements to it in the months to come. We are expecting better user interfaces and additional acceptance points. Amongst other, today, you can already use the wallet to purchase cinema tickets, do pre-paid top up’s and also purchase air tickets.

We seek your patience as we introduce new services for your use. We want to become better and we look forward to being beside you as we enter the digital age. Make no mistake, you are important to us and we value the feedback we receive and will continue to act in your best interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service points for any enquiries, or indeed if you have any feedback to give. For ease of references, you can also email us at [email protected]

Thank you.
Syahrunizam Samsudin
CEO, Touch ‘n Go

For the time being, it is best to top up via existing channels including ATM, tollbooths, convenience stores, petrol kiosks and dedicated Touch N Go terminals. Alternatively, you could apply for a credit card linked Touch N Go Zing card which will automatically top up itself when your balance goes below RM50. This is available from Maybank, CIMB, BSN, AEON and Hong Leong Bank. Do note there’s a transaction fee for each automatic reload.

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