You can get more than RM1,000 in savings with these iPhone X and iPhone 8 bundle

If you missed Machine’s RM1,000 discount offer for the iPhone X and iPhone 8, here comes another promo from Lazada Malaysia. Similar to Machines, this offer is only applicable to two models – the iPhone X 64GB and iPhone 8 256GB.

Instead of slashing RM1,000 off from the selling price, Lazada’s authorised Apple Store is throwing in more heavily discounted accessories which comes up to about RM1,200 worth of savings. It’s quite similar to its previous AirPods bundle promo.

iPhone X 64GB

The base iPhone X is now going for RM4,599 which is RM550 off from the recommended retail price.

But once you add-on the recommended combo of AirPods , Lighting Dock and iPhone X Silicone Case, the total amount that you’ll need to pay is RM5,146 which is RM3 less than the original price of a standalone iPhone X 64GB (RRP: RM5,149). In a nutshell, it’s like getting an iPhone X and you get RM1,190 worth of accessories for free.

iPhone 8 256GB

For the iPhone 8 256GB, Lazada is offering it at RM3,799 instead of its original price of RM4,399. However, if you add the AirPods, Lightning Dock and iPhone 8 Silicon case, the total comes up to RM4,346.10. This translates to RM1,222.90 worth of savings.

If you’re interested, you can check out Lazada’s iPhone X 64GB and iPhone 8 256GB pages.

These are official Apple Malaysia units and they come with Lazada’s 14-Day easy return policy.

Alexander Wong