Samsung Members to replace mySamsung this March

A few years ago, Samsung debuted mySamsung, an app that not only provided privileges and assistance to Samsung mobile phone users but also rewarded them and helped efficiently manage your device. Now, it’s getting some changes and Samsung says it’s even better than before.

Previously, Samsung Members was available only in certain countries around the world, but the brand is now consolidating the both into one unified app so all users can be rewarded equally and enjoy the same privileges Samsung has to offer as well as alert them to the latest news on Galaxy devices.

Samsung Members aims to be the go-to app for Samsung smartphone users, is not just a place for you to get support for your device, but also where you can really reap the benefits of being a Samsung user. You can make use of feedback and troubleshooting services, or ask one-for-one questions and make Error reports for more unique issues with devices, with fast feedback.

Aside from this, the app also serves as a hub to keep your device working in tip-top shape, allowing you to use Device Diagnostics to keep track of your battery or test out your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other sensors to fix issues with your device. Should you need, the Star Tutor function will allow users to get in touch with a live customer service agent for advice or allow technical experts to take control of your device remotely to help fix the problem.

Last but not least, Samsung Member’s benefits program is set to reward users with redeemable coupons or exclusive event invitations available just to Samsung users.

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Unfortunately, this also means that mySamsung will cease operations by March 1st this year, so if you’re a user, you’ll be wanting to pick up Samsung Members from the Google Play Store as soon as possible.