Unifi Mobile: 5 things you need to know

Unifi Mobile

TM’s Unifi Mobile is now official and this replaces webe as their new mobility brand. During its launch yesterday, TM has announced that they are giving away 1 million SIM cards for free and it’s applicable to everyone including non-TM subscribers.

Here’s all you need to know about TM’s new prepaid offering.

UPDATE: Effective 26 February, TM is only offering 10GB of free LTE data and there’s a cap of 3 SIM cards per customer. Learn more here.

How to get it?

The SIM is currently free (Normal: RM10) and you can register for a new SIM Pack (up to 5) from your smartphone. Just download the [email protected] app on Android or iOS. You get to choose your own mobile number which uses the 010 and 011 prefix. The free SIM promotion will run until 31 March and while stocks last.

After registering, you can pick it up from your selected TMpoint outlet. Alternatively, you can have it delivered to you for a fee of RM10.60.

What do you get in every SIM pack?

Each SIM Pack will have the following:
20GB (LTE only) data
50MB (3G/LTE) data
10 minutes of voice calls (all networks)
10 SMS (all networks)
RM0 credit

Yes. That also means you can get a total of 100GB (5x 20GB) if you order 5 SIM cards.


Unlike typical prepaid plans, there’s no expiry with TM Unifi Mobile so everything gets carried forward as long as you’re active. Your calls, SMS, data and credit will be there as long as you use it, buy an add-on or perform a top up within 90 days since your last purchase.

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Take note that your Unifi Mobile line will be terminated if you don’t buy any add-ons within 90 days from your last transaction date. The cheapest add-on you can purchase is a RM10 calls+sms pack. So that’s at least RM40 per year to maintain a line with UniFi Mobile.

UPDATE: It appears that Unifi might have changed their FAQ after they have made their full website live. It now says that your line will be terminated after 90 days if you didn’t make any chargeable usage, buy any add-ons or perform a reload.

When we asked someone on their Unifi live chat, surprisingly, they told us that you’ll need a top-up or purchase an add-on to extend your validity to 90 days. Even making an IDD call won’t count.

We reached out to someone at TM for clarification on what it takes to keep your line active. He told us that all you’ll need is to do one of the following to reset the entire 90 days cycle:

1. Make 1 outgoing phone call, or
2. Send 1 outgoing SMS, or
3. Browse for 1MB, or
4. Reload any amount between RM10, 30, 50, 100, or
5. Purchase any of our data or voice and SMS passes

So technically, if you have 20GB of LTE data, your line can be active for 20 months without needing a top-up if you only use 1GB/month. Alternatively, your line could last 40 months if you use 500MB/month.

UPDATE 2:: Recently Unifi Mobile customers have received an SMS informing them to purchase an add-on to stay active. TM has issued a statement that the SMS was to encourage reloads and you can still stay active if there’s usage.

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Unifi Mobile add-on and rates

Below are the cost for data, calls and SMS on Unifi Mobile.

8GB High-speed (4GB LTE only + 4GB LTE/3G) – RM50
4GB High-speed (2GB LTE only + 2GB LTE/3G) – RM30
2GB High-speed (1GB LTE only + 1GB LTE/3G) – RM15
1GB Basic-internet (1GB LTE/3G) – RM13

200 min calls + 200 SMS – RM30
60 min calls + 60 SMS – RM10

*Calls are charged at 60-second blocks.

If you run out of something, just add-on via the [email protected] app. There’s no pay per use for calls and SMS, so you’ll need to buy an add-on if you need to make calls/SMS. Since there’s no expiry, it would be cheaper to go for its higher add-on option for a lower cost per GB. If you travel overseas, Unifi Mobile also offers unlimited data roaming in selected countries at RM39/day. The rates are similar to webe and you’ll need to purchase it from the app before using.

You can reload your Unifi Mobile account in denominations of RM10, RM30, RM50 and RM100 via credit/debit card or online banking.

Network and Coverage

Unifi Mobile has its own 4G LTE network which runs on Band 5 (850MHz). For areas that are not covered, it will roam into Celcom’s 3G/2G network. Since their data quota is split between LTE and LTE/3G, you’ll need to be within Unifi Mobile’s coverage area and have the right device in order to maximise your usage. In case you’re wondering, Unifi Mobile is supported on iPhone. You can view their coverage map here.

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For more info, you can visit TM’s Unifi Mobile page.

Alexander Wong