U Mobile introduces two new prepaid monthly plans with more “unlimited” data and free JOOX VIP

U Mobile has introduced two new prepaid data options with UMI 36 and UMI 26. These are monthly prepaid plans that come with more data plus unlimited data for music, instant messaging and social apps. On top of that, U Mobile is now bundling free JOOX VIP membership worth RM14.90/month.

With these new plans, you can enjoy 30-days of free JOOX VIP which you can redeem by replying to an SMS that you will receive after subscribing to UMI 36 or UMI 26. Take note that there will be a 15 sen charge for every JOOX VIP code redemption and you can redeem another VIP code when you renew your UMI plan. This free JOOX VIP subscription promo is valid from 16 January until further notice.

Among the two, UMI 36 offers the most data with 7.5GB of high-speed quota and 7.5GB of Video-Onz for RM36/month. On top of that, you’ll also get unlimited streaming on Music-Onz platforms, unlimited WhatsApp & WeChat, unlimited usage for App-Onz (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and free YouTube streaming between 2AM to 10AM daily.

For something more affordable, the UMI 26 at RM26/month comes with 2.5GB high-speed quota and 2.5GB of Video-Onz quota. You also get the same unlimited perks for Music, WhatsApp & WeChat as well as App-Onz. Take note that unlimited App-Onz for both plans are applicable to U Mobile’s Unlimited Power prepaid.

Compared to the older UMI 30 plan, the new UMI 36 offers additional 5GB of Video-Onz data plus unlimited WhatsApp & WeChat for a mere RM6 extra per month. When we compare UMI 20 with the new UMI 26, you are getting a total of 3GB extra (1GB extra high-speed + 2GB extra Video-Onz) plus free unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat for an extra RM6/month.

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For more info, visit the U Mobile Prepaid UMI page.

Alexander Wong