This MiFi provides seamless worldwide connectivity and it can charge your phone wirelessly

Nommi portable router

When travelling abroad, two crucial things that geeks need the most is internet connectivity and sufficient power on their smartphone. If you’re a frequent traveller, you could solve both concerns with Nommi, a portable MiFi that also doubles up as a power bank. On top of that, it can even charge your phone without using any cables at all.

One of the key highlights of Nommi is its ability to keep you connected the moment you land in a different country. Using a virtual SIM, you can stay connected in over 100 countries without expensive roaming charges or having to go through the hassle of finding a local SIM.

Similar to Flexiroam, you’ll need to purchase a data pack which ranges from US$4 (about RM16.28) per day for 500MB to US$35/month (about RM142.43) for 5GB of data. The daily packs are much cheaper than the usual data roaming rates but if you prefer to save more, you can always pop-in a local SIM onto the device.

Apart from being connected via mobile network, Nommi also has a Dual WiFi feature. No, this isn’t referring to 5GHz WiFi but it’s an extra feature that lets you stay connected using WiFi networks around your area. This includes public WiFi or shared WiFi access points with crowdsourced passwords. If you’re feeling generous, you can even add your home’s WiFi onto the shared list. To keep your connection safe, its US$35/month global plan also comes with 50GB of VPN access each month.

On top of that, the MiFi also doubles up as a WiFi range extender for your home or office. Like the name implies, it can help to extend your existing WiFi signal and you can activate easily from the mobile app.

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There are two versions available. The base Nommi Slim has a 3,500mAh battery which is rated to last up to 16 hours, while the Nommi Power with wireless charging comes with a larger 10,000mAh battery that claims to last up to 48 hours. Alternatively, it can last for 24 hours of MiFi usage plus two full iPhone charges.

In terms of connectivity, both support 4G LTE Cat4 up to 150Mbps downloads and it is compatible with a wide range of FDD-LTE and TD-LTE bands for worldwide access. For the Nommi Power version, you get a full USB port with a rated output at 5V2A and a Qi Wireless Charger which will work with most Android and new iPhone models.

The standard Nommi Slim is now going for US$60 (about RM244), while the Nommi Power can be yours at US$75 (about RM305). For those outside the US, there’s a fixed US$20 (about RM81.40) shipping fee. Like any Indiegogo/Kickstarter project, this is still a work in progress and they are targeting to ship the Nommi by June 2018.

If you’re interested, you can back this product on Indiegogo. At the moment, they have raised over US$62,500 which is 250% of its original $25,000 target.

Alexander Wong