MaxisONE Plans are upgraded again with even more data

MaxisONE Plan upgraded

Maxis has always been considered the most premium telco in Malaysia. While they have upgraded their postpaid plans in the past, other players in the market are getting more competitive by offering more data with some offering unlimited quota for less.

After almost a year since their last revamp, Maxis is finally giving its MaxisONE plans a well deserved update. On top of that, they have also removed a barrier which now enables you to fully utilise your monthly quota freely.

Effective today, all MaxisONE Plans are now getting 10GB extra across the board and it is applicable to existing MaxisONE Plan subscribers. Another good news is they have finally removed the 4G Weekend data split for most of its plans. So if you’re on MaxisONE Plan 128, you’ll be getting 40GB of data which you can use all day whether you’re on 4G or 3G.

Take note that the all-day data is only given by default for MaxisONE Plan 128 and above. If you’re on MaxisONE 98, you’ll be getting 15GB all-day + 15GB 4G weekend (previously 10GB all-day + 10GB 4G weekend). However, you do get the option to upgrade your plan to 30GB for all-day use at an extra RM10/month. So that’s RM108/month in total to enjoy 30GB data at all times.

The supplementary lines on MaxisONE Share remains unchanged. At RM48/month, it still comes with 5GB of data that goes into the SharePool and another 5GB for 4G Weekend use. All MaxisONE plans still come with unlimited calls and SMS to all networks in Malaysia.

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Here’s a recap on the upgrade:

MaxisONE 98: 20GB (10GB + 10GB weekend) —> 30GB (15GB + 15GB weekend)
MaxisONE 128: 30GB (15GB + 15GB weekend) —> 40GB all-day
MaxisONE 158: 40GB (20GB + 20GB weekend) —> 50GB all-day
MaxisONE 188: 50GB (25GB + 25GB weekend) —> 60GB all-day

For more info, visit the MaxisONE plan page.

Thanks KevinNgTK for the tip!

Alexander Wong